Affiliate program or referral program

Referral program
Our referral program is simple the more you tell others about our service, the more money will be given to you. If they choose to use the online filing system they can place your name and number in the filing section and once the return is completed you will be mailed a check or money order for your referral. first 10 will be $25, next 5 $30 next 5 $40 and $50 after that.

# leads cost per ref amount
1x 25= $25.00
5x 25= $125.00
10x 25= $250.00
15x 25/35(at 11)= $425.00
20x 25/35(at 11)= $600.00
25x 25/35/50(at 21)=$850.00
30x 25/35/50(at 21)=$1,025.00

Affiliate program
This portion is being worked on currently. For now the online referral program can be used.
The affiliate program will deal with online tracking system that will be able to determine where the person traveled from to get to the site and giving you the option to place a image of the business to encourage your website visitor to check out the business.


These links will be able to ensure that the visitors will be attracted to the site and a tracking system is in place to ensure your profits will be placed in your bank account direct deposit or check.

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