Making money interested in helping you run your business

We have been providing grade A accounting serices in the Washington DC, Houston TX and Atlanta GA area helping your operation run smoothly. We Provide internal auditing of your books, business and operational standards.

Bookkeeping/payroll services, tax perparation for individuals or businesses, financial statements for internal/external uses, investments and helping you make deals with IRS for past due tax issues. Call 404-723-3940 for more help dealing with your case, book keeping/payroll needs or a free consultation 20 minute phone call for free.

Professional Accounting services

  • Accounting Services
    • Audit Preparation Services-Audit Protection for an extra fee we will ensure if you are to be audited we will represent you if the IRS decides to audit you, correspondence with the IRS and advise you on proper steps to take
    • Reviews & Compilations
    • Bookkeeping/Write-Up/Payroll Services- We can help with your payroll staff by teaching them how to use Quick books to handle their book keeping/payroll or we can handle your payroll by stopping by your place of business weekly to ensure your book keeping and/or payroll is handled appropriately
    • Financial Forecasts & Projections, Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis and Financial Statements- Often times new business ownwer ask why should you get someone to prepare your financial statements and what use do they have for your compnay? The reason you should look into getting financial statements for your company are for various reasons one could be to get a loan from a company or investors, see where your company is when you can no longer be hands on from year to year, see if you are profiting or losing for the year and allowing other companies to see where you stand financially speaking.
    • Tax Services- Online or off line we provide tax preparation services for individuals and businesses
    • Tax Planning & Preparation- Knowing what actions to take through out the year is a huge part of doing your taxes not just filing them and hoping for the best. We can help you with determining the best actions to take through out the year to ensure you the best outcome. What’s the purpose of paying a huge amount of money at the end of the year if you can minimize the tax obligation by setting up a payment plan with IRS or maybe you are looking to save for a house and you feel that the taxes taken out is too much… we can help you figure out the best solution for your family calculating the best route to take for success.
    • IRS Representation- Do you have a problem with the IRS, if you do you are in the right place, contact us immediately to avoid extra interest and penalty cost
    • Sales Tax Services
    • Estate & Trust Tax Preparation
    • Business Succession Planning
    • Business Valuations
    • Buying & Selling a Business- Researching, investigating and preparing presentations about if a company you are looking to invest in is worth it’s asking price is a huge part of the negoitation process.
    • Estate Planning- Why leave things to chance when it comes to your children wife/husband well being when the certain thing happens at the uncertain moment in time. Let us help you
    • Financial Planning- Do you have a large or small amount of monthly income and you are looking to know where you should place this income in investments, retirement and/or are you in need of a reasonable budget to get certain things like that down payment to that dream home of yours or the dream vacation, either or we are here to help you achieve whatever you are looking to obtain.
    • Retirement Planning- It’s a question we ask ourselves after a hard long day of work–> when can I retire and maintain a lifestyle that is fitting for me and my family, our experts can help you with setting up retirement plans as a individual or a group figuring out the best vehicles to use in order to achieve the goals of the group or individual(s).
    • Business consulting and Management Advisory Services- Are you dealing with a liability or a asset? These are the question that we provide the answer to when you seek our consultation services for your business.
    • Investment Review- Going over your investment portfolio and calculating to see if the desired outcome can be made with the current investment options is a question that we can answer for you.
    • Business Entity Selection
    • Compilations